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      "Come, boys, fall in here.""Well, here, take that citizen's horse. Old man, get off, and let this man have that horse."

      "Why, he's alive yet. Come here, Wat."

      Awful Destruction. 242"What do you see, Monty?" they shouted.

      "Well, if I had sich a name as that I wouldn't expect people to git it right. There's no sense in havin' a Dutch name that makes your tongue crack like a whip. Well, this Mr. McFillemgoody is Si's boss, and he writes a nice letter, and says Si done so well at Chickamaugy that some other bossa Colonel or Corporal"

      And slavery is a necessity."I'll bet I'll hit a rebel if anybody does," said Pete with hopeful animation.


      The rumor he'd heard from Norma was barely rumor any more: instead, it had become the next thing to an officially announced fact. Everyone knew it, even if next to no one spoke of it. The Confederation was going to send shipshad probably sent ships already. There was going to be a war.The voice was so pure, so fresh, so redolent of all that had graced and sweetened their far-off past, that it brought to each swarming emotions for which there was no tongue.


      "I know that," she said. "I started outI started to do just what you wanted. To talk to him, draw him out, find out just what he did feel and what he planned."


      The waiter wiped off the table as he replaced the glasses, and Shorty lifted up the gambler's papers to permit him to do so. He laid down his own papers instead, and with them a bill.Norma hesitated for a second. Then she burst out: "But they're so far away! I meanthere isn't any reason why they should really care. They're busy with their own lives, and I don't really see why whatever's done here should occupy them"